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“To keep an illness one must constantly recreate it!”

Dr. Irving Oyle, The Healing Mind


Do you have aches and pains that you think are the result of bad genes, old age, etc.? Is your energy low? Do you “catch” every disease that goes around? Do you think that you are stuck with your “allergies?” Do you believe that because you have family members with cancer, obesity, diabetes, or other diseases that you are doomed to suffer, too?


Your symptoms are guiding lights giving you information that your body-mind habits need to change. Your body is an intelligent, adaptive organism. And it hears all your thoughts and words and believes them.


Our approach involves showing you how to focus on health with your behavior and your thoughts. Seeking health is very different from fighting disease. You stop wasting precious resources on things you do not want and start focusing on what you do want. Physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual health is your birthright.


We can offer you relief from your suffering. We can show you there is a different way to be in your body and mind that can be joyful and effortless. Our holistic services are truly that: we work with your body, mind, and spirit to create a healthy you. Beginning with the first session you will feel the change toward a healthier you.

You don’t have to be sick to benefit from our services. We can help you optimize your health, have more energy, and tweak your body-mind habits toward a more hopeful, happier you.

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