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What to Expect


Allow us to show you how to achieve harmony and balance in body-mind-spirit, and create the life that you truly desire. We would like for you to experience first-hand what it means to have a sense of well-being.
Our healing practice is unique in that we offer a comprehensive list of services with our primary focus on energy healing and intuitive guidance for manifesting what you want in life. We also provide you with a customized range of services which may include: Reflexology (foot, hand, ear), Therapeutic Massage, Sound Healing, Guided Visualization, and/or Nutrition Consultation.


We believe that what happens between sessions is crucial to your quest for health so we encourage you to keep in touch via e-mail or text for support, guidance or just to check-in.
A crucial component of our services is education. Along with the healing itself we will talk about life-style issues from nutrition to activity level to work-related habits that may need to be modified. You will go at a pace that is comfortable for you; One change a week to a complete overhaul of your diet. You decide, and we will help you.
You will leave the session with tasks both internal and external to accomplish. They can be simple but profound, for example, increasing water intake to improve joint lubrication as well as to improve elimination or reexamining your ideas about health and healing and allowing for a more simple approach to getting well.


We consult with you about nutrition in a holistic and personalized manner. We help you change unhealthy nutrition while learning how to get more enjoyment from your eating habits. Changing this largely neglected aspect of health often brings dramatic results including-weight loss, normal sugar levels, normal cholesterol levels, reduction and elimination of aches and pains including arthritis and gout, improved elimination, better skin, improved sleep, greater mobility, increased energy, and much more.
Our training in nutrition goes far beyond general knowledge. We teach you how to eat, what to eat, how to shop, and how to prepare your food in order to get maximum enjoyment and health. Mindful eating and body awareness are two topics that are important to enhancing your health which we would love to explore with you.


We provide one-on-one consultation to design personalized programs for individual clients. These consultations include education in health and healing, nutrition, fitness, and other important aspects of health. They also provide motivation, encouragement, and monitoring. They frequently involve hands-on interventions such as reflexology, massage and Reiki. When needed they may incorporate coaching in movement, guided visualization, the application of flower remedies, and instruction in vegan/raw food preparation.


Consultation and counseling is available with a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor. This adjunct service is highly recommended as it will help you to move closer to a health-centered paradigm changing your thinking in profound ways. This service is provided by Dr. Bob Nelson.
In addition to counseling Dr. Nelson is an ordained minister with education, training, and experience with a variety of spiritual and religious traditions. He designs and performs customized rituals and ceremonies for weddings, divorces, cleansing, healing, protection, major life events, and rites of passage.
For more information please email Behnaz Esfehani at: dresfehani@gmail.com


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